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Custom Orders

Welcome Twisted Kitties, where artist Veronique Perron creates very unique Custom Pet Portraits from your Photos! Here is some information that will help you choose what's best for your portrait!



This list is for a 1-subject painting, just add $50 for each additional pet.

(As simple and affordable as that!)

 8 x 10": $165

 11 x 14": $198
12 x 16": $210
 16 x 16": $225
16 x 20": $249
18 x 24": $275
20 x 20": $275
24 x 24": $295
24 x 30": $350
30 x 30": $395

Bigger sizes are also available.

I offer a 15% discount if you order 2 paintings or more. 

I calculate shipping online with your zip/postal code, and I charge exactly what I was quoted, no additionl fees!



Some helpful information


Your pictures: I work from your photos, so you can send as many as you'd like (the more the better!), by email to Dynamic poses and fun pictures make for very interesting paintings. It is somewhat important for your pictures to be clear and of good quality, but I can work from any pictures you have. 

Composition: You can decide on the background, colors, scene, toys, etc, etc! Anything goes. I can also create a painting for you with the characters of your choice; Monkeys, monsters, etc, etc!. You can look at my previous paintings in my portfolio to get inspired.

Size: You can choose your size from list above to get inspired, and I also have many other sizes available. Those are the most popular ones. If you need a size that's not listed, that's not a problem. I will find the right canvas for you.

Time Frame: Your painting will be ready within 7-10 days, but I can certainly make accomodations for those who need it faster!


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