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Veronique Perron

custom paintings and Character design

Welcome to my imaginary world, where ill-mannered monkeys, closet monsters and pets are kings. I create, for the time of a short story, paintings tinted with humour, featuring vibrant and vivid colors. From pet portraits to unbelievable adventures, my painting scan be found on all continents and I always seek new ways to spread my art to the world. My creations attract smiles. They are colorful, vibrant, and magic! 
My technique is acrylic paints on canvas. I sometimes create faux-finishes for backgrounds, like wood. My lines are very pronounced and I use the brightest colors I can find! I paint on a variety of canvas sizes, to accommodate all budgets, because I believe that art should be accessible to everyone.
It’s a pleasure to present to you Twisted Kitties, to give rise to smiles!

My name is Veronique Perron. I am a full time artist. I have worked for several years, and still take contracts with "Cirque du Soleil", making character design, sculptures, costumes, and accessories. In the past I have worked in the Special Effects industry, on many movies and tv shows (makeup, molds, sculpting). I have degrees in Fine art and Visual presentation design. I am currently working on a bachelor’s degree at UQAM here in Montreal, more precisely at the Faculty of Fine Arts to obtain a certificate in teaching art. I've always loved painting and drawing my own characters and critters. 

I live in beautiful Montreal, Quebec, Canada with my wonderful husband Joshua and our 3 beautiful young sons!

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